What is the Certified Change Management Professional™?

Are you managing projects? Are you managing people?

Do you guide organizations through periods of transformation and change? 

If so, you work in the discipline of change management. That's an important role that needs to be acknowledged.

The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) exists to advance the discipline of change management. Researching the needs of change practitioners worldwide, ACMP identified that an internationally-recognized certification was needed to promote the work that professionals do to help people and organizations adapt to change. The Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP) was developed for people like YOU! 

Who Should CertifY in Change Management?

CCMP is a good fit for anyone who applies best practices in change management. Our graduates include:

  • Organizational change managers, change leaders and those involved in business transformation or business process improvement

  • Project management leaders responsible for ensuring adoption and realizing benefits

  • Human resource (HR) professionals looking for a certification that demonstrates more than basic HR skills

  • Training and communication professionals working with teams on large roll-outs

  • Knowledge management specialists transforming the way companies collaborate and use knowledge

  • Professionals with widely recognized credentials in areas such as HR, project management, continuous improvement/six sigma, and change management wanting further marketplace differentiation

If you apply change management processes, method or strategy, CCMP is a great way to formally announce your capabilities to the world. Read the stories of other CCMP grads.


If you are looking for your next job or want to raise your profile as a qualified professional among so many claiming to be change managers, adding a rigorously-developed credential will help you differentiate yourself. Change management practitioners have identified many benefits to having the CCMP credential:

  • Professes my knowledge and experience with the letters CCMP added to my name

  • Aligns me with an international standard related to the work I do (refer to The Standard for Change Management©)

  • Enhances career prospects and gives me an edge in competitive situations

  • Demonstrates my commitment to ongoing professional development in change management

How do I get my CCMP?

Attend one of our CCMP Coaching Calls - we would be happy to answer all of your questions!

Go to the CCMP page on ACMP's global site to learn more and start the process. Or, use this website to explore further - it's full of answers to common questions from your peers. We recommend you begin with:

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