Survey Says! Results of the Change Management Market Survey Part 1

Recently we surveyed those involved in change management around the world to get their perspective on certifications. We set a goal of 500 respondents and were blown away when 553 people took part! In this blog we will be sharing the results as the analysis is completed.

Part 1: Demographics

Part 2: Certifications and Associations

Part 3: Benefits and Issues of a new Certification

Part 4: Support for CCMP and Fees

Part 5: Final Comments and the Road Ahead

Part 1: Demographics

The big message here is "Diversity". We were aiming for good representation from all those who are involved in change management, not just those who wear the title 'change manager'. Many in the learning, communication and project management professions, as well as managers and leaders are engaged in helping their companies and people adapt to new circumstances.


+ Nearly half were not in a pure change management role (PM, Learning, Business Analysis, Management Consulting)

+ 26% said they were the sole person providing change management services in their company

+ Only 1/3rd said they spent 76 - 100% of their time involved in change management

+ 16% had more than 16 or more years of experience!

Thank you to everyone who participated! Next we will look at the associations people are involved in, and the certifications they have today.