Survey Says! Part 2: Certifications and Associations

We live in a highly connected world. With more than 500 respondents to our recent change management certification survey, we caught a glimpse of how people in this profession participate in various communities.

For background, see Part 1: Demographics.

First, we were pleased to see that ACMP is gaining recognition as a brand. With such a diverse set of respondents, it's impressive that only 10% had not heard of us before. Lots of engagement! We are a growing presence in the world of change.

Of course there are many other groups with fantastic missions and people to be a part of. A large part of the group are members of the Project Management Institute. 

What other professional organizations are you a member of

The Other category included a wide variety of associations, most notably: 

  • International Association of Business Communicators

  • International Coach Federation

  • Certified Management Consultants

  • OD Network

  • Human Resources associations

We asked: "What professional certifications do you currently have outside of change management?" Again, a wide variety of answers with Project Management Professional leading, and Other including:

  • Sigma

  • CHRP / Human Resources

  • ITIL

  • MBA

21 Hours on the Road to CCMP

Finally, we were very interested in whether people had completed change management training. This is critical to the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) designation as it requires 21 hours of change management training. 63% said "Yes" with the majority having taken their training with a member of the ACMP Qualified Education Providers™. That will expedite the application process for them.

Tomorrow: Part 3: Benefits and Issues of a new Certification