Survey Says! Part 5: Final Comments & the Road Ahead

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The Change Management certification survey provided incredibly helpful data and comments that we are using to make decisions on everything from fees to marketing. Our most important conclusion from this survey was that we have the support of the community. Thank you!!

"Congratulations on this and I really look forward to getting certified through your association! Thank you for engaging with practitioners as you develop - you clearly walk the talk."

"I was just so excited to learn about this at the Midwest Change Conference last week that I have note been able to stop talking to my colleagues about it!  Just keep seeding the message and the word will spread!"

So, what's next?

We have a LOT of work to do, primarily in the area of marketing. We could use your help! Simply by sharing and commenting on our blogs, liking and retweeting our posts online, will help spread the message to groups we can't reach directly.

Here are some of the tasks we are working on:

Select an exam vendor to deliver exams at worldwide locations
Develop the online application process
Finalize fees
Continue exam development: Select exam questions; Conduct Beta test; Validate item performance; Determine passing score
Confirm first ‘test windows’ – dates when exam will be offered
Develop policies and procedures, and a Candidate Handbook
Plan the launch party!

Do you want to help us spread the word? Let us know!