Survey Says! Part 4: Support for CCMP & Fees

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The most important question on the survey for us was whether people would want to get the CCMP™ designation. We had our fingers crossed...after all, there wouldn't be much point in rolling out a new certification if no one wanted it. It was particularly critical because when we ran the survey, we really hadn't told people much about it yet.

Question 12: When would you be interested in pursuing the CCMP certification?

SUCCESS! Nearly 70% said they wanted CCMP as soon as possible or within 2016. and since we will be launching in 2016, those responses effectively combine. THANK YOU for giving us the support to continue!

When would you be interested in pursuing the CCMP certification?
mission accomplished

Question 13: What would you be willing to pay?

This was the second most important question. Setting up a credential according to ISO/ANSI standards is not a cheap endeavour. From Part 3 of our survey results we heard respondents indicate that we need to work on driving awareness of the certification within the broader community and in organizations. That takes time and money. Setting up exam centers around the world to ensure people can take the test is a major hurdle.

We want to balance:

  • Value of the certification to the individual

  • Costs to run a credible certification program

  • Price sensitivity of the market

Here is what you said:

fee preferences

Unsurprisingly, people are more willing to buy at lower prices. We had many helpful comments:

"I believe you should keep the price low for early adopters to build momentum. The key to building global value is the network of individuals who become certified - the more individuals that get certified the more value the certification will have (but don't lower the standards to get more people certified, lower the price)."

"Don't price the application and exam out of the range of a mid-level person - the education will be expensive also."

"...only those serious enough about the profession will pursue it. For those the price will not be a factor. If you make it cheap it will ... will dilute the value."

As you can see, a challenging area to make a decision! However, we are close. We will be announcing our fee structure in the next two weeks. Stay tuned!

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