The X Factor for Change Management

X Factor Cowell

You can know the words and play the right chords, but is it enough to separate you from the crowd?? Simon Cowell looks for the ‘X Factor’; that special element that sets a performer apart from thousands of competitors. Beyond skill, he considers attitude, adaptability, audience sensitivity, and responsiveness to judges’ feedback.

What is the X Factor in Change Management? Is it enough to know The Standard for Change Management©, which encompasses every leading practice? Senior practitioners say ‘No’. From our recent survey of change management practitioners:

Being an effective change agent includes innate skills related to emotional intelligence and maturity which can be challenging to rate or qualify.

The Certified Change Management Professional credential is focused on the core competencies of change as described in the Standard. Is that enough?

I wonder how much of the [required] curriculum will be dedicated to the “personal” skills, attributes and competencies of the future CM professional versus knowledge, process, organizational behaviour, systems theory, appreciative inquiry? We already have many professionals that are unable to “stand alone,” challenge thinking and behaviours or raise issues that can be unpopular within the organization…

Knowing the Standard is important. It’s an entry point. But, central to the requirements of the new CM certification is the ability to APPLY change management to real world scenarios. That takes creativity, synthesizing new information with past experience, and emotional smarts, too. 

These are not easy qualities to test, and Simon Cowell was not available to help, so we'd like to hear from you! What are the X Factor skill for change?

Let us know!

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