We Have Liftoff!


In hot pursuit of launching the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) program in 2016, ACMP ran its first two sessions to develop exam items (questions) in Chicago and Dubai in August. Twenty people dedicated a weekend to participate in this important step of CCMP development.

According to one of the participants, the most frequent follow-up question they received was:

“So, how many items did you write over the two days?”
“About 12.”
“That’s it???” 
“Well, yes, you have to understand, there’s a lot more to it than just writing a question…”

Indeed. A LOT more to it! To develop an exam that is legally defensible as fair and consistent (valid and reliable), the process is guided by Mary Sylvester (ACMP board member) and psychometrician Denny Smith. 

“People may think it's easy to write exam questions: Just ask the question and provide answer choices. However, as participants in these workshops discovered, it’s quite challenging to write great questions that conform to the training received,” said Smith.

At each session, Smith laid out 43 rules for developing questions. Forty-three!! Volunteers were unanimous in saying this was the most fascinating part of the process. Corina St-Jacques, a Dubai participant, commented, “I learned just how poorly designed many of the exams that I have taken actually are.”

“The CCMP Core Credential is going to be a certification written by change practitioners for change practitioners. These teams of culturally diverse professionals came from around the globe to learn the technical details of good exam item writing and then worked together to develop sound questions. With 243 questions written so far, we met every goal set for the sessions,” Sylvester noted.

Stay tuned for further updates on our exam development process. In the near future ACMP will be launching a site dedicated to tracking the progress of CCMP as it is developed and launched.

ACMP would like to thank the following teams of participants who came from around the world to give their time and expertise to advance the mission of ACMP:

Tunde-Success Osideko – Nigeria
Amr Khalifa – Egypt
Femi Enigbokan – Nigeria
Donald Bosire – Kenya
Syed Mukhtar – USA
Hector Boye – Ghana
Daniel Siaw – Ghana
Corina St-Jacques – United Arab Emirates
Glory Enyinnaya – Nigeria

Lewin Mayers – Trinidad
Dave Davis – USA
Mathias Carvalho – Brazil
Jacqueline Iny – Canada
Blake Nebel – USA
Marcia Rua – Brazil
Rocio Consuegra - Mexico
Amanda Vollick – Canada
Sammye Woods – USA
Paula Yung – Canada