Training Requirement Changed to Honour Past

Today ACMP released the decision to amend the training requirement for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™), allowing 21 hours of training to have been taken within the last seven years. Previously the requirements was for training to have been in the last five years.


As we continue to refine the application process for CCMP, we revisit what our founding membership envisioned for certification. Seven years ago they articulated their vision using a format called World Cafe which captured the ideas and passion of a global group of change management practitioners focused on building a worldwide community that served those committed to learning and leading in the domain of change management.

By expanding the training requirement to the last seven years our aim is to honour and be inclusive of those who laid the original foundation while still ensuring that change management training credited towards CCMP is relatively current with leading practice as defined in The Standard for Change Management©.

Still need a fresh set of training in change management?

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