Graduated Once, Certified Forever? The Registry Knows...

Credentials are well and good, but in today's world organizations want to be sure that people have really completed the education they claim. And perhaps more importantly, determine if  they are current in the field, Now they can.

The Certified Change Management Professional™ is not a one-time achievement. Graduates must maintain their credential by completing and submitting Professional Development Units, or PDUs. Each certificant must provide evidence that they have increased their change management skills, given back to the profession and applied what they know by submitting 60 PDUs every three years. Upon approval, their status is extended another three years and they retain the right to add the letters CCMP™ to their name.

Organizations can now validate that an individual's certification is authentic and current by checking ACMP's certification registry. 

First, access the registry page. The Registry is on the bottom right of the page as shown.


Enter all or part of the first or last name and click Verify. Results (if any) are displayed on the next page.

And of course, the First 500 certificants are listed on our page dedicated to those who helped pioneer this new credential!

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