ACMP Announces Exam Partner

Writing a 150 question exam is the final step to obtain the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) credential. Because we are developing a rigorous, global credential that has real value in the market, it is critical that all elements of the process are secure and in alignment with ISO (International Organization of Standardization) requirements.

Therefore, the Association of Change Management Professionals is pleased to announce its partnership with Kryterion as the provider of registration, scheduling and hosting services for the exam.

Kryterion logo

CCMP exams must be taken in person at an exam or assessment center and Kryterion provides more than 700 secure locations worldwide in a continually expanding network. Now you can check for a site near you

The CCMP team is now working hard to load and configure our exam questions in the Kryterion system in preparation for beta testing and our eventual launch.

We're excited!