CCMP Exam Question Sampler

Wouldn't it be nice to know what the exam questions look like? Well, yeah. You told us! It seems we are not the only ones who get a bit nervous when an exam is coming.

We are pleased to provide 5 questions to give you a sense of the question structure. To develop them, we pulled questions from our reserve bank of items and updated them to meet the same standards as those on the actual exam. Answers are at the bottom. Enjoy!

(For more information about the exam, please refer to our exam preparation guide.)

1. What is the most common risk factor for a successful change implementation?

a. Uncertain implementation timelines

b. Vague project plan

c. Stakeholder resistance

d. A change in sponsorship

2. What is meant by "What's in it for me?" with regard to a change management communication strategy?

a. The change manager should read the communication plan carefully

b. Project team members want to understand how many hours they should spend on communication

c. Stakeholders want to be sure they are recognized in the change newsletter

d. People want to understand how the change will impact him/her individually

3. What should happen after a successful change effort implementation?

a. Sustainment through strategic planning and regular goal review

b. Sustainment through ongoing communication and metrics tracking

c. Communication of change objectives being met and recognition of change sponsors

d. Dissolve the change management team

4. As a change leader, what is the first step you must ensure happens when executing the learning and development plan?

a. Sponsors are booked for the training

b. Reservations or bookings are made for training rooms

c. The curriculum is delivered according to plan

d. Learning materials have been developed

5. What is a key condition for change management closure?

a. Appropriate operational owners have approved the transfer of change outcomes to their areas

b. A comprehensive stakeholder satisfaction survey has been conducted and assessed

c. The sponsor has completed an independent evaluation of the change management program

d. The funds allocated to the project are spent and no further allocation is anticipated


How did you do?

1 - c

2 - d

3 - b

4 - d

5 - a