Want Your CCMP? Apply on May 15th!

At long last!

ACMP opened the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) designation for application on May 15, 2016.

The concept for CCMP was shaped seven years ago during a discussion of the future of change management by a group of eager practitioners. Two years later the Association of Change Management Professionals was born, and on its fifth anniversary we can celebrate one more major milestone achieved!

  • 2009 - World Cafe - formation of ACMP concept

  • 2011 - ACMP officially incorporated

  • 2013 - Begin practice analysis on the role of the Change Manager

  • 2014 - Change Management Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct launched

  • 2014 - ACMP Releases The Standard for Change Management©

  • 2015 - ACMP announces the Qualified Education Provider™ program

  • 2016 - First credential released: Certified Change Management Professional™

Since the beginning of 2016, we have been working through setup and testing of the CCMP program. Beta testers have helped us refine our application process and we are now completing work to ensure it is ready when we kick-off our annual global change management conference in Dallas, Texas.

We look forward to meeting all of you at the conference where we will be on-hand to answer questions and guide you through the initial steps. Yes, you can begin the application process right at the conference!

By then our Candidate Handbook will also be complete and available online to help everyone who wants to apply through ACMP's website.

The online application system will allow you to:

Once your application is approved, you can take the exam between July 30 and September 12. A second exam window for 2016 will run from October 15 to November 28.

Ready to get started? Check out these resources to ensure you are successful:

  1. Your Guide to a Successful CCMP Application

  2. Preparing to take the Exam

Get ready!