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Since this site went live in 2015, we've brought you the latest news about the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) as it was developed. There is a lot of information, so we've brought the best together in one post for easy navigation.

For a single document that covers everything you need to know about CCMP, check out our CCMP Candidate Handbook.

If you want an overview of the whole process or want to start the application, click here.

Let's begin with the basics.


CCMP is the first credential in a series to be developed by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP)

It is a credential for change management professionals, developed by change management professionals. CCMP assesses practitioners' knowledge of change management leading practices and their ability to apply experience to respond to common change situations. 

With a focus on experience, CCMP sets a baseline for practitioners who can truly deliver on ACMP's mission to "…support the success of individual and organizational change for the realization of intended business results.”

Those who pass all of the elements of the credential process can add CCMP™ to their name. 

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See the Certificate.

Let's look at the benefits of the CCMP certification.

2. Why is it important to me?

Here are just a few of the reasons people identified for pursing this certification:

  • Professes your knowledge and experience to your peers and the market

  • Aligns you with an international standard related to the work you do

  • Enhances career prospects and gives you an asset in competitive situations

  • Raises awareness of the profession in your market

  • Provides certification with a credible, rigorously developed program

  • Demonstrates your commitment to personal career growth and professional development in the domain

Over the last five years, ACMP conducted market research, ran a worldwide practice analysis, published The Standard for Change Management© and built a program for vetting Qualified Education Providers™.

Those elements give CCMP strong credibility. Developed carefully according to strict guidelines set out by both ISO and ANSI, and based on the Standard which was also developed in line with ISO standards, you can feel assured that you are investing in a quality product.

Organizations have told us that CCMP is an asset when looking for change management resources.

Click here for a summary of how CCMP is different from other certifications.

So the credential has a LOT of value. Let's see how to apply.

3. What is required to apply?

  • Education and Experience:

    • A 4-year degree (or international equivalent) and 3 years (4200 hours) of change management experience, or

    • Secondary education (high school or international equivalent) and 5 years (7000 hours) of change management experience

  • Training:

    • Completion of 21 hours of instructor-led change management training in the past 7 years, in a program aligned with the Standard

The application process also requires you to correctly answer 3 out of 5 essay questions (maximum of 500 words each) demonstrating your change management experience.

You must also sign a Statement of Understanding declaring all of your information is truthful, and that you will abide by ACMP's Code of Ethics. Fees are paid upon submission.

While the application process does not require you to include certificates and contact names to verify your submission, it is important that you only include experience, education and training that you can prove with documentation and references. All submitted information is subject to audit at any time.

CCMP application process

Upon successful review of your application, you will be notified that you can schedule your exam.

Click here for details about what Training qualifies.

Click here for Your Guide to a Successful Application.

Click here for a guide to the Essay Questions.

Click here for the Statement of Understanding.

Click here for Fee Information.

The exam is a critial element, testing both knowledge and experience.

4. What's In the Exam?

The exam was developed using strict guidelines to ensure it would be fair and properly represent leading practice in change management. 

It includes 150 multiple-choice questions testing both knowledge and your ability to apply it to scenarios. Questions are based on the Standard and the Code of Ethics.

The exam is offered during specific 'exam windows'. For 2016, once your application is approved, you can take the exam between July 30 and September 11. A second exam window for 2016 will run from October 15 to November 27.

And for 2017:

  • January 21 to March 12

  • June 3 to August 31

  • October 7 to December 31

Further detail about what is in the exam and how to study for it is in our exam preparation guide.

Click here to find a Kryterion exam center near you.

Click here to view sample questions.

Click here for our flash cards study tool.

The jouney does not end with the exam...

5. Do I have to renew my certification?

Yes! Unlike other change management certifications, attaining your CCMP is not a single event. Achieving CCMP status indicates your ongoing commitment to develop your change management skills. To maintain certification, individuals track time spent developing their skills, mentoring others and participating in the change community. These Professional Development Units (PDUs) are submitted online annually to show ongoing development and investment in the change management profession. In the third year, all PDUs (60 hours required) are submitted along with a fee for approval.

Use of CCMP™ is not permitted if certification expires.

Credits are given for:

  • Change management training

  • Mentoring and training others

  • "Give back" to the profession including volunteer time

  • Working as a practitioner, applying the Standard

To learn more, read our certification maintenance FAQ.

Are you ready?

6. How do I get started?

Go to our application page. If you need more help: