CCMP Flash Cards - Part 2 - Get Them!

There are many ways to prepare for an exam. Waiting until the night before is not one of them!

Previously we provided a subset of flash cards to help people learn The Standard of Change Management©. We received many requests for a downloadable version and decided that since the customer is always right, we would make one!

Without further ado, you can now download the full set of cards in a printable PDF.

But wait, there's MORE! Included in the deck is a set of 'blank' cards which you can use to test yourself on the definitions and process groups. Cool, eh? (I'm Canadian, so I had to say that)

Download it NOW!

The Flash Cards do not cover the entire Standard. Therefore ensure you also have (and study):

Let us know how the cards work for you - we love feedback and are often surprised at the creative ways people find to use them.

Good luck with your studies!

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