Exploring Change Management Certification: Help available when you need it!

We are off to a strong beginning as people submit applications for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™). But not everyone is ready to pursue it yet. Perhaps you:

  • Are deciding between alternative certifications

  • Want to complete a current project so you have sufficient experience

  • Need to wrap up some other education first

  • Are waiting for a new budget year

Whatever the reason, you may be looking at a timeline for CCMP that extends 6 to 12 months, or further.

To help you determine when the time to pursue CCMP is right, there are few things you can do for yourself:

1. Subscribe for updates

The CCMP newsletter will keep you informed about any changes to the designation and provide summaries of our most common questions and answers.

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2. Attend a Q&A session

ACMP is hosting regular Get Help With Your CCMP Application sessions where you can get an overview and ask any questions you have about the application process! A CCMP coach will be available to provide answers. View our calendar lineup to find the session that best fits your schedule!

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3. Start gathering application details

Whether you apply for ACMP's certification or another, it is helpful to begin gathering information about your accomplishments. Use a spreadsheet to track what you've done. 

The CCMP spreadsheet template can be used for many different purposes and is yours to keep! it tracks typical information you need for any certification: experience, education and training, with built-in formulas to quickly check whether you have sufficient hours and training.

Download the template now: 

4. Ask your employer for support

We collected all of the best reasons for getting the CCMP designation so you can have a positive discussion with your supervisor about support for getting the certification, whether it's help with fees or time to study. 

Check it out!

If you have further questions, explore the rest of this site or send a note to help@acmpglobal.org.