Up close and personal with the CCMP Certificate

Stephen Covey said "Begin with the end in mind". Well, here is the end! Once you pass the exam, your certificate will be mailed to you so you can proudly display to the world that you have truly achieved something special.  

CCMP™ certificates contain several features that make them special:

  • Your name, exactly as you want it to appear - if you have 4 middle names, we can include them all!

  • Signed by two members of the ACMP global board

  • A unique certificate number

  • An expiry date, three years from the date you passed the exam

  • A gold seal embossed with the ACMP logo, giving the certificate a textured element

CCMP Certificate

After 3 years, upon renewal, you will be sent a new certificate for your wall, demonstrating your ongoing commitment to stay on the leading edge of the change management profession.

We know you want it! Take the first step today.