Books for the Brain on Change

What books would you recommend for someone new to change management? 

That's what we were asked by a Six Sigma expert on a recent "Getting Ready for CCMP™" coaching call. Knowing that the community of professionals involved in change are a very helpful bunch, we reached out to ask what they would suggest. That request became one of our most highly 'engaged' posts with lots of interaction. We promised to summarize the responses, and here they are!

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What's interesting about the suggestions is the low level of repetition and sheer diversity of the recommendations. Change management is not a uni-dimensional discipline; it blends so many aspects of motivation, communication, leadership, social psychology and learning theory.

If an individual offered a helpful comment about the book we included that in brackets after the author. If you have additions, please leave us a comment!

Here is what people suggested (in no particular order).

About Change Management

Also of note, Paul Thoresen kindly directed us to a short list of change books reviewed by members of the Minnesota Change Management Network. 

Personal Change; Sustaining Change

Your Brain on Change

Submitted by Michael, here is a top ten list for books to read to change your mind.

Modern Thinkers on Change

  • Switch by Dan and Chip Heath (A great book that every manager should read to understand the dynamics of motivation and self-control.)

  • Drive by Daniel Pink (Does a great job of explaining what motivates us.)


Communication and Connection

Why not?

  • Real Coke, the Real Story by Thomas Oliver, 1987. (It's out of print but if you can find it, it's a fascinating read. Leaves you wondering, was New Coke the biggest blunder of all time or the greatest marketing ploy ever.)

  • Transitions by Julia Cameron (A prayer and reflection book that I have found useful as a leader)

Did we miss any? Let us know!

Thanks to everyone who shared!

  • Amy Haworth

  • Vina Paglicawan

  • Tara Saylor Litzenberger

  • Thomas Dougherty

  • Adrian Robles

  • Eleanor Oh

  • Berit Joa

  • Jim Vogel

  • D. Scott Ross

  • Isabella Brusati

  • Edmond Mellina

  • Paul Thoresen

  • Beth Melillo

  • Shadi Abuid

  • Moira Masper

  • Connie Ginsbach

  • Patricia May

  • Deedric Bauer

  • Julie Hodges

  • Curtis Highet

  • Nisha Mehling

  • Jessica Parker

  • Robin Byers

  • Stefan Maerz

  • Sidita Hasi

  • Max Firmin

  • Kevin Harmon-Smith

  • Thomas G Muffoletto

  • Beth Harlan

  • Steve McIntosh

  • Rachel Li

  • Kevin Coray

  • Nicole Reaves

  • Tina Petro

  • Clint Clarkson

  • Kelly Faddoul-Rutkowsk

  • Serge Huybrechts

  • Diane Maki

  • Heather Stagl

  • Heidi Ling

  • P Keiran

  • Marc Van de Velde

  • Lara Bancroft

  • Michael

  • Dan Gamble