How is CCMP different from other change management designations?

Every certification is different. Most certifications are granted following the completion of a course, acknowledging that a certain level of knowledge about the course has been acquired.

However, professionals agree that there is often a gap between training and application or performance. Everyone needs time to learn how to successfully apply what they have learned to a variety of situations. This is where CCMP™ stands apart.

CCMP is intended for experienced change management professionals who have had time to consistently demonstrate success in applying best practices for change. But that's not the only differentiator. Here are all the ways CCMP raises the standard for certification in change management:

  • Developed in accordance with international standards (ISO/ANSI)

  • Based on an extensive Practice Analysis Study which investigated leading practices in change management with senior professionals around the world

  • Requires at least 3 years of experience prior to application

  • Entails submission of written essay responses showing how experience was or could be applied to solve common change management issues

  • Includes an exam with scenario-based questions getting at how practitioners apply what they know

  • Involves trained, indepedent assessors for review of applications and essay questions

  • Reinforces the need to abide by a Code of Ethics for the discipline

  • Requires continual skill development to maintain certification

  • Will be continually improved with periodic refreshes of The Standard of Change Management©, detailing the latest in leading practice for change management

  • Allows individuals to add the letters CCMP™ to their name

CCMP vs. other certificate programs