Eligibility: Who can apply?

CCMP™ is intended for experienced practitioners of change, regardless of your title. CCMP is a good fit for anyone who applies best practices in change management. Our graduates include:

  • Organizational change managers, change leaders and those involved in business transformation or business process improvement

  • Project managers responsible for ensuring adoption and realizing benefits

  • Human resource professionals looking for a certification that demonstrates more than basic HR skills

  • Training and communication professionals working with teams on large roll-outs

  • Knowledge management specialists transforming the way companies collaborate and use knowledge

  • Professionals with other widely recognized credentials in the fields of HR, project management, change management and continuous improvement wanting further marketplace differentiation

If you apply change management process, method or strategy, CCMP is a great way to formally announce your capabilities to the world. Read the stories of other CCMP grads.

Eligibility Criteria

Obtaining your CCMP requires:

  • Education and Experience:

    • A 4-year degree (or international equivalent) and 4200 hours (3 years) of change management experience, or

    • Secondary education (high school or international equivalent) and 7000 hours (5 years) of change management experience

  • Training: Completion of 21 hours of instructor-led change management training in a program aligned with The Standard of Change Management© in the past 7 years

  • Essay: Respond to 3 out of 5 essay questions (maximum of 500 words each) demonstrating your change management experience

  • Exam: Pass a 150 multiple-choice exam including knowledge and scenario-based questions based on the Standard

Your hours of experience can be within any time frame. The 3 and 5 year indicators are just for guidance. 

Each applicant will sign a Statement of Understanding declaring that all information submitted is true and form as an accurate representation of their accomplishments. It will also confirm that they have read and will abide by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.  

While the application process does not require you to include certificates and contact names to verify your submission, it is important that you only include experience, education and training that you can prove with documentation and references. All submitted information is subject to audit at any time.


Applications must be submitted in English, and the exam is only available in English. Your ability to write well in English is NOT a consideration when evaluating applications, particularly the essay questions. As long as we can understand what you are trying to say, the submission is fine. 

How do I know if my experience will qualify?

It is up to each applicant to determine whether they meet the above criteria. Use our template to begin adding up your hours:

To ensure a successful application, you must have applied all of the elements of the Standard during your experience. You may have focused on some elements more than others (for example, Developing and Executing Change Management Plans), but you must have experience in all of the areas. If your experience is primarily focused on a single function (e.g., communications, training, or project support) it is unlikely that you have enough depth to assure ACMP that you can independently and successfully perform all of the change management activities in the Standard.

One of the most common reasons change initiatives are unsuccessful is that the individuals leading them do not have sufficient experience in a change management capacity. The intent of the CCMP is to recognize those who can successfully help individuals and organizations change in all of the areas identified in the Standard. It is specifically meant to differentiate the skill set used by change managers from those who focus on related domains such as project management, communications and training. These are complementary skills, but insufficient to demonstrate all of the skills required by a professional performing a leadership role in change.

The application requires that you identify the organization worked for, the number of hours spent on change activities, and a description of the tasks performed. You will be asked to sign a statement of understanding declaring that all of the information submitted is true and honestly represents your work. This is also to confirm you are confident your experience aligns with the practices outlined in The Standard of Change Management©. ACMP will randomly select a subset of applicants to verify that all application materials are correct. This verification process will involve submitting copies of degrees and diplomas, and securing attestations from employers to confirm your experience. Submitting wrong information can result in a revocation of your credential.

What is an International equivalent?

A four-year degree is typically known as a Bachelor's degree. For a list of potential equivalents, see the following websites:



Secondary education includes: high school diploma, progress in a bachelor’s degree program, an associate’s degree, completion of a related certificate program, or passing the GED (General Education Development).