What training can I apply towards my 21 hours?

To qualify for the Certified Change Management Professional™ designation, you need to have completed 21 hours of change management training in the last 7 years, and the content must be aligned with the Standard of Change Management© .

CCMP™ is not a training program itself, nor does it or ACMP offer training. The training you take to fulfill the required 21 hours is up to you. Any instructor-led (classroom or online) change management training that aligns with The Standard will fulfill this requirement. To help you identify courses that meet the requirements, ACMP developed the Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) program (click Find Courses in the bottom right). The courses listed have been 'pre-qualified' as aligned with The Standard and they count towards the 21 hours you need. 

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Non-QEP training

If you took training with a provider which is not a QEP it may still qualify. In the CCMP application you will be asked to submit a description of the course with an outline and learning objectives so ACMP can evaluate the fit between the content and The Standard. If you are unsure whether it will be a match, download and review The Standard and conduct a comparison to determine if the course content is aligned with the five process groups. Only the portion of the course that aligns with The Standard will be eligible for training hours. 

Recorded and live webinars or videos are not permitted as training hours as they are often too short and do not include sufficient interaction to check for audience learning. Conference attendance is also not permitted for initial application. However, these types of learning can be counted as part of certification maintenance.

To allow ACMP to assess whether a submitted non-QEP course aligns with one or more parts of The Standard, the supporting evidence should contain:

  1. The course objectives (what they expected you to know and be able to do by the end of the course).

  2. The course outline (headings and subheadings of the topics/chapters).

  3. The course description.

  4. The course duration: Start, end and number of hours spent learning about change management not including breaks.

    • Be clear about which parts of the course focused on change management.

  5. A description of the structure and interactive element: What portion was led by an instructor?

The information must be submitted in English; consider using Google Translator or other translation applications to provide the course information in English.

It is acceptable to include screenshots and pictures; for example, photos of the course outline, screenshot of the course description from a website, as long as it is readable. Ensure that you include and upload all ‘other non-QEP course’ supporting documentation at the time you submit your application to avoid delays in the review process or a rejection of your application due to incomplete information. 

Common Questions

What do you mean by 'instructor-led'?

  • An instructor must be present, whether in the classroom or online, to ensure best practices are being taught accurately. QEPs must demonstrate they apply sound instructional design to their courses to ensure learning takes place.

Can I include training that I delivered?

  • The requirement is for training taken by you, where your skills were developed. Training delivered cannot be used. If you took a 'train-the-trainer' course that can be verified, you can submit that since an instructor was working with you to ensure you had requisite knowledge to deliver the course.

Can I substitute additional experience or higher education for training hours?

  • No, there is no substitution allowed with CCMP.

My training is more than 7 years old. Can I get an exception?

  • Unfortunately, no. Seven (7) years was chosen to ensure that training taken is somewhat current in a field that continues to grow and change itself.

Does attendance at the ACMP conference count towards the 21 hours training requirement?

  • No. ACMP is not able to validate every session as meeting the criteria. However, conference attendance can be counted as Professional Development Units towards certification renewal (every three years) once you have your CCMP.

Can I submit a number of webinars I attended?

  • It is unlikely these will qualify. It is very difficult to validate the content and they tend to be quite narrow in focus (vs. covering a process group from The Standard).

If the course I took is a mix of self-study and instructor guidance, would that qualify?

  • Yes! Training courses can be either in classroom format or online as long as they are led by a change professional that can provide instruction around leading practice.

Can I submit training that my company provided or developed in-house?

  • Yes. As long as you have the learning objectives, course outline and description so it can be checked against The Standard, you are welcome to submit it.

What if the company I took training from is no longer in business?

  • If you can provide evidence that you attended (if audited), and sufficient information to evaluate the course in terms of alignment with The Standard, you can include it.