What is CCMP based on?

CCMP™ is based on The Standard for Change Management©.

It was developed by a global group of volunteers using a consensus process consistent with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) requirements. Over the course of two years, ACMP’s Standards Working Group engaged over 1,100 change management thought leaders and volunteers from 57 countries, each averaging more than 10 years’ experience, to capture, review and respond to more than 3,500 unique comments.

The Standard is method neutral and includes:

  • A definition of practices, processes, tasks and activities (no tools or templates)

  • Guidance for organizational change management, for any type of change

  • Generally accepted practices and processes used by practitioners across industries, organizations and roles

Check out our two-part series on the development of the Standard.

CCMP is also supported by the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Everyone who applies for CCMP must confirm that they have read and will abide by this document which ensures that the way in which we apply our skills is fair and professional.

When is The Standard to be refreshed? How will that impact the exam?

It is best practice to complete a Practice Analysis as the profession evolves to ensure the central body of knowledge remains current. ACMP's goal is to complete this approximately every 5 years. It will be at least two years before a refresh happens and advance notice will be given to the community when it begins.