CCMP Statement of Understanding

ACMP's credential makes an important statement in the change management community. Those who successfully apply for and add the letters CCMP™ after their name are expected to be both knowledgeable about leading change management practices and able to use those skills to benefit their stakeholders.

As such, it is critical that submitted applications be honest and accurate. To that end, every applicant is asked to review and confirm that they agree to the Statement of Understanding. It is included in full below for you to read, but the most important aspects are that:

  • All information you provide is true and accurate
  • The submission, including essay responses, reflects your work and no one else
  • You will abide by ACMP's Code of Ethics

If you are intending to apply for the CCMP™, please review this carefully now.  

Statement of Understanding

I hereby apply for the Certified Change Management Professional™ (CCMP™) certification offered by the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), and attest that I have read and understand the eligibility criteria contained within this application. I certify I meet all eligibility requirements and that all of the information provided in my application is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and ability. I understand ACMP will rely upon the information I have provided to evaluate this application and that providing false or misleading information, omitting required information or otherwise violating the rules of certification will disqualify me from receiving or maintaining any certification offered by ACMP and may result in appropriate disciplinary action. ACMP reserves the right to reject an application based on incomplete or inaccurate information, and further reserves the right to deny or revoke certification due to incomplete or inaccurate information, or the violation of the ACMP Code of Ethics.

I further understand it is my responsibility to maintain the currency of my information and I must immediately inform ACMP of changes pertaining to my contact information and any changes, which may impact my certification or recertification eligibility.

I agree that all materials I submit to ACMP in the certification process shall become the property of ACMP and ACMP is not required to return any of these materials to me.

I further represent and warrant that the answers to my change management experience essay questions submitted to ACMP are my own original work, that I am the sole author of the change experience documented, that the essays do not violate any copyright, trademark, proprietary or personal rights of others and that the essays are factually accurate and do not contain material that is defamatory or otherwise unlawful.

I understand I am eligible to take the CCMP examination within one year of my application being accepted and that if I do not take my CCMP examination within that period, my application will be deemed invalid, and I will be ineligible to sit for the CCMP examination unless I submit a new application with the required fee, and that application is approved by ACMP.

I understand I may be disqualified from taking or completing the examination, or from receiving examination scores, if ACMP determines through proctor observation, statistical analysis, or other means that I engaged in collaborative, disruptive or other inappropriate behavior during the administration of the examination.

I understand that passing the CCMP examination and meeting all criteria will result in ACMP awarding me the CCMP™ Credential. I agree to only display and represent my certification in a manner pursuant to ACMP guidelines, and I agree to comply with all ACMP policies and procedures in connection with the certification.

I understand that if I do not pass the CCMP examination, I may retake the examination twice more for a total of three times within one year, at my own expense

If I am informed my application has been denied, I understand I may appeal in writing to ACMP pursuant to its appeals procedure. I agree to accept ACMP’s decision upon any appeal.

I will maintain the confidentiality of the CCMP examination questions and content, and, I will not discuss, debrief, or disclose in any manner the content of the CCMP examination questions and answers to any third parties.

I recognize ACMP is the sole and only judge of my qualifications to receive and maintain certification. I further recognize ACMP reserves the right to modify or alter at any time the certification standards, requirements for certification and recertification, and any rules, policies, or procedures in connection therewith.

I authorize ACMP to include my name and contact information in any publicly available lists or directories in which the names of Certified Change Management Professionals are published, and waive any rights of objections to such listings (unless I have indicated otherwise in writing to the ACMP). I understand and agree ACMP owns all right, title, and interest in and to all names, trademarks, logos, copyrights, applications, and other material related to the CCMP program (“Intellectual Property”), and I agree I will only use such Intellectual Property in accordance ACMP policies. I agree to cease using such Intellectual property upon the expiration, suspension, or revocation of my certification or if I am alerted to the inappropriate use of such intellectual property.

I understand and agree ACMP does not make any claims, warranties, guarantees, or promises regarding the performance of any CCMP™, and I agree not to misrepresent my certification status and its meaning.

I also agree to promptly report to ACMP any possible violations of the terms of this Statement of Understanding or ACMP’s Code of Ethics by ACMP members or persons who have applied for or been awarded the CCMP credential by ACMP.

I agree to indemnify, release, discharge, and hold harmless individually and collectively ACMP and any and all directors, officers, agents, and employees of ACMP from any and all liability arising in connection with the certification program; any decision, action, obligation, damage, claim, or omission relating to this application; the taking, grading, and reporting of the examination; the failure to grant the certification, recertification to me; and the revocation of my certification. I understand and agree any decision concerning my qualification for any credential, as well as any decisions regarding my recertification for any credential and my compliance with the ACMP Code of Ethics rest within the sole and exclusive discretion of ACMP and that these decisions are final.

If audited, I understand I must provide the information requested prior to scheduling and taking the examination.

Intent to Participate

I intend to participate in ACMP’s CCMP program and agree to the following:

  • I will provide my professional demographic profile to be used for research purposes, collected at the time of the application. (ACMP does not sell your name and contact information to marketing firms. This is solely for ACMP’s use.)
  • My data, used in an anonymous fashion, can be used and released for research purposes and published as part of the program analysis.
  • I have read and will follow the ACMP’s Code of Ethics and Intellectual Property policy as may be amended from time to time by the ACMP.
  • I will pay a partially refundable fee in the amount specified in the program materials.
  • I have read and understand all of the CCMP Program materials and the CCMP requirements in the CCMP Candidate Handbook.

I will report to ACMP, within 45 days of occurrence, any matters, proceedings, lawsuits, settlements, and/or agreements, administrative agency actions, or organizational actions related to my profession or occupation, including all complaints related to my professional activities as a change management practitioner, and matters, or proceedings involving, but not limited to certification, credentialing, malpractice, disciplinary ethics or similar matters. I also agree to promptly report within 45 days of any occurrence any felony criminal charges, convictions, or plea agreements, or other criminal charges, convictions, plea agreements relating to acts of dishonesty or unethical conduct.

By submitting this application, I understand and agree to all of the above items.