How long will it take to get my CCMP?

The answer is based on a number of factors. For an overview, review the CCMP application process outlined in the CCMP Candidate Handbook. Here's what goes into the time estimate:

  • Preparation

  • Application

  • Review

  • Exam scheduling

  • Studying

  • Exam writing

Prior to beginning the application process, it is up to you, the applicant, to determine whether you meet the criteria (education, experience, training). Gather your application information ahead of time to help you confirm you are ready to begin the process and register.

The online application is quite easy, but it does take time to complete. Initial registration takes a few minutes and when you submit, ACMP sends you a code that enables you to log in and complete the remainder of the application. 

The application consists of:

  • Education

  • Experience

  • Training

  • Essay questions

  • Statement of Understanding

  • Payment

Entering your education, history and training is quite simple, although if you are recording many different roles for experience it will take some time. If your training was not with a Qualified Education Provider™, allow extra time to add and upload additional details. If you've gathered all your information in advance, this section likely takes an hour. Many people complete the application in stages. You can save it at any time and return later.

The essays require a more thoughtful approach. There are three essays to complete and the timing for this section varies depending on your experience and comfort with writing. Our first group to complete the process estimated anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to draft, edit and complete the three questions. Time varies but each essay need only be 500 words in length - you are not being asked to write a book! It is merely to demonstrate the knowledge you bring to the profession. So, anywhere from 1.5 to 6 hours for this part will be required.

Allow 20 minutes to review the Statement of Understanding. as it's rather lengthy but worth reading carefully. 

After you submit the application and pay, it will be assigned to a reviewer. The review process typically takes 14 to 21 days, but can take as long as 45. When complete, you will receive an email indicating your status. If approved, it will include a instructions for exam scheduling.

Once approved, you will go to the Kryterion website to find an exam center near you and schedule a time to write the exam. Do this as soon as you can as exam centers can be quite busy. Allow yourself enough time to study The Standard of Change Management© and The Code of Ethics. Only you can determine how long you need, but reviewing each in detail at least a few times should be a minimum.

You are given 3 hours to complete the exam. Upon completion, exam results are displayed right away at the test center. ACMP will also email you a copy of the results.

End to end, the process could be completed in as short as a few weeks. Most people take a couple months. Audited applications and non-QEP training submissions typically take longer.

Regardless, the process is worth it. At the end of it, if successful, you will be adding CCMP™ to your name!