Majdi Al-Sabeg: Adding CCMP to international success


Majdi received his CCMP™ designation in May, 2016. He is an active volunteer with ACMP and decided to pursue CCMP even while working away from his home in Canada, serving a client in the Middle East.

Majdi, you are a busy individual! You've had a very interesting career. Tell us about your journey.

After obtaining my MBA, I worked for one of the big 5 management consulting firms. Through my 7+ years working with them as a change management consultant, I learned a lot about project and change management. Consequently, I decided to become a freelancer utilizing the deep skills I have obtained to deliver value to a few major global clients in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Over the past 20 years, I delivered many change projects successfully resulting in great customer satisfaction leading to continuous business. While I started alone, I soon added additional consultants as clients requested more services to meet their needs. My role varied from one engagement to another: Sometimes purely change manager while in others I acted as project manager and sometimes both. I have played other roles such as program, integration, quality, or portfolio manager. Regardless of the role, organizational change management was always a significant portion of my duties and time. 

What attracted you to CCMP? 

I've already obtained designations such as PMP, PgMP, PfMP, and CMC among 10 globally recognized certifications. I've been waiting for years to see a certification program emerge for change management. When ACMP was established, I joined it and waited for it to define standards for the profession as well as to design and launch a worldwide professional certification program. Consequently, when the opportunity arose to be part of the team of testers for their new certification program, I asked to be in the first group to apply for and obtain the CCMP certification. 

What was it like to go through the CCMP program?

The overall application process was smooth. Similar to other respectful designation, CCMP requires good preparation for the application as well as the exam. In regards to the exam, I found it straight forward because I had studied. I was fortunate to be able to  provide feedback to the exam administrators to help improve the final exam to be used going forward.   

How do you feel now that you've accomplished this major milestone?

CCMP might not impact my career since I am a Managing Director, but it definitely enhances my self-actualization at the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Moreover, it enhances my image in the eye of my clients when they learn that it is a high-quality certification. 


My objective is always to seek the highest possible levels of quality and as close to perfection as it can be. I view CCMP as a stamp of quality that demonstrates to others that we posses great knowledge of change management standards.

Congratulations Majdi! Welcome to the First 500!

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