Dr. Elisa Chavez - Shaping Change

Elisa Chavez earned her CCMP™ designation in May, 2016. With over 20 years of work in organizational development, management consulting, and change management, we were curious about the appeal of CCMP. 

Hi Elisa! Tell us a bit about your career path. What were some of the challenges you faced?

I’m just learning how to throw pottery on the wheel. It's interesting that the experience has been a great reconnection to where I started, learning about the transition process individuals go through when attempting a change (read more). 

Before getting into change management I was focused on learning and development, then organizational development. The company I worked for was about to go through a major transformation in the way it did business. They selected the William Bridges organization to help with the transition and I went through the certification process. That particular experience felt as though the clouds parted and heavenly singers abounded – it all suddenly made sense! 

Bridges book - Transitions

Since that time I have continually honed my practice focusing more and more in the area of change management.  The main challenge I have faced is a marked difference in leaders' understanding of what change management is and the essential role they play in the success of their organizations’ transformations.  While I have seen increased investment in change management over the years, there remains an assumption that if a change specialist is on board, leaders can abdicate their role. Wrong!

What compelled you to apply for CCMP?

I wanted to distinguish myself as someone who has decades of experience, education and training in this field with much more to offer than someone who has taken a 3 day course.

Right. A 3-day course that aligns with The Standard of Change Management© is just one of the pre-requisites for CCMP. What training did you take?

I took a 12 day certification course in Human Systems Dynamics. That particular course is not on the list of QEP™ offerings, so to be sure I qualified, I provided a comprehensive list and details of all of my change management development since 2009 (CCMP requires training to be within the last 7 years) including a summary of my doctoral studies and work on organizational change. I knew there would a sufficient amount of training content that aligned with the Standard.

Did you have to do a lot of preparation for the essay questions and exam?

The essay questions are the critical part of this process and really allow the experienced professionals to shine through. One must truly have the experience and knowledge to be able to write 3 satisfactory essay responses. 

In terms of the exam, I felt it required very detailed knowledge of the Standard. I was glad I spent my time with flashcards and memorization to prepare.

Has CCMP come up since you 'graduated'?

Yes! I found out I had passed the exam while at ACMP's conferences in Dallas. When I updated my home ACMP chapter I was proud to state I had my CCMP. And I was sure to announce the new credential in my next email to my personal network following the conference. It is a great addition to my email signature and LinkedIn profile.

Thanks Elisa! Congratulations!