Lorelie Kaid - Recognizing My Skills

The Association of Change Management Professionals is recognizing people like you (yes, you!) who have developed significant expertise in change management, and then applied that towards an internationally recognized certification: the Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™).

Lori Kaid is one of those people who recently obtained her CCMP designation. Lori took time from her busy schedule as the Vice President of Enterprise Project Management for Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU) to talk to us about her journey to CCMP.

Thanks for meeting with us Lori! People want to know how you arrived at this point in your career. Can you give us a bit of your history?

It's interesting to look back and see that while I have been a change leader for a while, I didn’t realize that there was a "title" for the work I was doing. 

Right! Many of us who have been in the field a while started in other disciplines. What was going on?

There was a moment early in my career when I recognized the impact that change had in the organization. Technology was relatively new and we were putting 'dummy terminals' on a lot of people’s desks. As a developer, I was implementing software that would replace paper forms; people would now enter them directly into the system. It meant that an entire department would now be out of a job (Remember Key Entry departments?). I recognized that the way the organization managed the transition was really important. It had a powerful impact on me.

People were going to lose their jobs with this effort. They knew it. I knew it.  It was the elephant in the room. No one talked about it. I was fresh out of college but knew we needed to address it. Not only was it the right thing to do, it was the moral thing to do. 

That was my first change management experience (but I didn't know it!). Right then I knew that I wanted to get away from coding and move into the people side of technology implementations.  It was the beginning of a professional shift that has led me to many opportunities to help lead change.

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What attracted you to CCMP?

I felt it was important to have a credential that supported the work I do. With my focus on Enterprise Project Management, I had already obtained my PMP. I was thrilled to see an opportunity to add a comparable certification in Change Management. CCMP is unique in that it required me to maintain my skill set and that's something I wanted, to demonstrate my ongoing development. Having completed Prosci's certificate program, I was ready for an experience-based certification.

Was it challenging to complete the essay questions and exam?

For the essay questions, I spoke from the heart. I think that is key. Once I was on a roll, it was hard to keep it under the word count!  As for the exam, I studied The Standard of Change Management© and also reviewed my material from Prosci. 

How has CCMP impacted your job?

Every year, I produce a musical at our local high school. Surprisingly, CCMP has not yet helped me manage young adults and volunteers back stage!

Seriously, I have shared my designation on LinkedIn and other professional profile sites. I have also brought it up at PMI meetings. Many are interested in hearing more and want to gain an understanding about what it is all about.

At the moment this is a relatively new certification that many are not yet familiar with. But they will be! For me, it is about promoting my skill set. Change leadership is picking up speed and many organizations are recognizing the need for this important area of expertise.